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Is Your Retail Media Strategy Shoppable?

Interactive and shoppable ads are improving online advertising by combining data-driven digital marketing with a consumer-friendly e-commerce experience. These ads allow consumers to purchase products directly within the ad. This compresses the sales funnel and enhances brand engagement. 

To show how this could be done, we've developed a full integrated mock campaign, based on key stages of the customer journey. We have incorporated creative tech capabilities from The Scale Factory's (TSF) clients: Cavai and Adimo, who are leaders in conversational and shoppable advertising, respectively. Our approach will amplify the effect of your media and create more meaningful interaction between your brand and customers.

Consider a what a product launch for Enfamil, Reckitt Benckiser's infant nutrition brand, could look like, using technologies from Cavai and Adimo:

1. Make awareness campaigns shoppable

Imagine Enfamil launches an awareness YouTube video campaign. Normally, brands separate awareness marketing from performance marketing, but with Adimo's 'buy now' button, viewers ready to purchase can quickly find a retailer directly from the branding content across any channel. Enfamil could also stream this video content into display ads using Cavai technology, thereby lowering CPVV while maintaining shoppability.


Benchmark:  increase purchase intent traffic in campaign by 25% without increasing lower funnel cost.


2. Give product guidance in consideration campaigns

Enfamil could target audiences who likely are in early motherhood stages with a dynamic conversational campaign by Cavai. This direct interaction within the ad offers personalized responses and detailed product information.  This boosts engagement and allows collecting essential marketing intelligence. 


Benchmark: Lumen studies show an increase of 35% in attention by using mid-funnel conversational tactics. 


3. Enhance sampling through in-ad signups

By deploying a direct sampling strategy through the campaign’s interactive ads, customers can easily register to receive Enfamil samples, enhancing product discovery and building brand trust, while also aiding first-party data collection.


Benchmark: reducing friction by up to 72% driving increase in conversation rate.


4. Optimize display campaigns with retail conversion signals

With sufficient data signals, targeted shoppable ads can be served to expectant mothers on various platforms, allowing them to compare Enfamil products and prices across retailers directly within the ad. By optimizing against real purchase intent signals, we can reduce CPS and increase ROAS. 


Benchmark: Increase ROAS by up to 35%


5. Extend campaign impact through Offline to Online, and Online to Offline

During visits to pediatric clinics and baby stores, mothers encounter Enfamil ads featuring QR codes. Scanning these links them to a mobile page created by Cavai Anywhere, effectively connecting digital campaigns to physical locations and boosting impact.


Benchmark: Average in-store and on-site engagement is up to 10X higher than in any other part of conversational campaigns. 


This example demonstrates how using shoppable and interactive ads can significantly enhance each stage of the customer journey—from initial awareness through to conversion. By integrating conversational ads to spark interest, employing shoppable ads for seamless purchases, and linking digital with physical through strategic QR placements, we can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any campaign.

Interested in customizing these ad solutions for your business?

Book a time here for a chat about how shoppable technologies can help you  meet and exceed your marketing goals.

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