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Cavai: The Secret to Great Video Ads

Creating ads that stand out and engage audiences in today's crowded digital space is no small feat. However, video ads offer a powerful solution, significantly boosting engagement and achieving a 95% message retention rate, making them an essential part of modern advertising strategies. To create impactful video ad campaigns, advertisers need innovative solutions.  As a client of The Scale Factory, Cavai leads the way with its adaptive streaming technology and Cavai TrueFill™, helping advertisers deliver high-impact video content in VAST and VPAID formats at competitive prices. Additionally, Cavai’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly advertising.

Adaptive Streaming for High Impact and Engagement

Cavai’s adaptive streaming technology ensures viewers enjoy the best possible video quality based on their internet speed and device. This reduces buffering and increases engagement, keeping viewers interested and driving conversions. This technology works seamlessly with both VAST and VPAID formats, making it easy to integrate with any ad server or buying console, allowing advertisers to deliver high-quality video ads across various platforms.


Real-time Optimizations for Maximum Value

With real-time parametric optimizations, Cavai’s technology continuously fine-tunes ads to ensure they perform their best. Each ad impression delivers maximum value, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

Simplified Operations with a One-Tag Solution

Cavai simplifies ad management with its one-tag solution that fits all formats, reducing complexity for advertisers and making it easier to manage and deploy video ads across multiple platforms. Enhanced reporting capabilities offer deep insights into viewer interactions and ad performance, allowing you to track key metrics like impressions, clicks, and viewability in real-time for data-driven optimizations.


The Power of Cavai TrueFill™

At the core of Cavai TrueFill™ is generative AI, which automatically adjusts and formats video content to fit any display size. This ensures that video ads look great and perform well on any device, providing a consistent and engaging viewer experience.

Commitment to Sustainability

Cavai is committed to sustainability, achieving carbon neutrality for Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and actively working towards a long-term goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2040. Using Cloudflare’s network of over 300 data centers running on 100% renewable energy, Cavai ensures fast and environmentally friendly ad delivery. The use of the HTTP3 QUIC protocol further reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.


Innovative Carbon Tag Initiative

Cavai’s Carbon Tag initiative is a groundbreaking effort to measure the energy consumption of ads. This browser-based method, developed with academic researchers, provides insights into the environmental impact of campaigns, helping you make more sustainable choices.


Showcasing Success with Cavai


Drive Cost Effective Reach with High Attention

Cavai drives cost-effective reach with high attention by using big formats like build wraps and interscrollers, capitalizing on valuable real estate to make your audience really look.


Drive Engagement and Capture Data

Combining industry-leading interactive features, Cavai drives data capture and engagement, allowing advertisers to either do it themselves or get help from Cavai’s team.


Sell Products with Video

Incorporating 'Buy Now' buttons and e-tailer information into video ads reduces purchase friction, making it easier to sell products with video.


Cavai offers a comprehensive set of creative technologies to build impactful new ads or ad products. Its adaptive streaming and Cavai TrueFill™ create high-impact, adaptive video ads that engage viewers and drive results. By choosing Cavai, you stay ahead with effective and eco-friendly advertising campaigns.


Interested in using our video solutions to make your ads more effective? Book a time here for a chat about how our video solutions can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals!

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