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Welcoming Thomas Haugan!

We welcome Thomas onboard as Partner at The Scale Factory!

Thomas Haugan brings with him a wealth of experience helping companies with business development and marketing across Asia Pacific.

Over the past 11 years he has helped companies ranging from young, fast-growing technology companies to Fortune 500s with their growth in Asia Pacific. He has held a variety of commercial roles, spanning business development, marketing, e-commerce and general management. Industries covered were bio/health-tech, venture capital and marketing/ advertising services as well as related tech, and he has worked across both corporates and agencies.

Most recently he led the growth of Japan's largest private DNA testing and research company, Genesis Healthcare, with expansion across Asia as the deputy general manager and head of marketing & partnerships. Prior to that he helped MediaMonks, Idomoo and other fast growing technology companies enter and scale in Asia through his role with local acceleration and venture capital firm Accelerasia.

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