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Thinking about expanding into APAC? Pierre shares some of his advice

Last week, our co-founder and Managing Partner, Pierre, attended the Bamboo Capitalist podcast to talk about scaling B2B tech companies in Asia Pacific.

Pierre touched upon multiple topics, including:

  • His personal story from a door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales person to a tech executive, entrepreneur and investor

  • How TSF was started and what we look for in the companies we work with

  • How these companies usually engage with TSF

  • Honesty and transparency in readiness to pursue APAC expansion or not

  • The importance of learning about the product market fit through real conversations with potential customers and partners in the region

  • The story of TSF and challenges faced in launching and growing the company

  • Outlook for 2023 and beyond

  • Advice for companies and CEOs that are considering entering Asia Pacific

Thank you to the Bamboo Capitalist team for the invite and engaging conversation.

Link to episode:

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