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Roar Wiik Andreassen joins advisory board to strengthen TSF relationship with Norwegian tech

Roar Wiik Andreassen is the Founder and Chairman at Ampli Consulting, where he helps founders and SMB’s preparing for further growth. He has broad experience as a consultant, leader and CEO from sectors such as Telco, Consulting, Tech and Tech Enabled Services. He is an advisor, investor and chairperson.

Recently he was CEO Nordic in Visma/Azets, a company that became the leading player in the Nordics, undergoing a major digital and commercial transformation. Roar has extensive experience in the PE space and led Azets through more than 20 acquisitions and three sales processes to PE investors. Before joining Azets, he worked as a director and Vice President in Capgemini, more than 10 years in Telenor as a director, CEO Telenor Real Estate and Chief Strategy Officer in Dtac, Thailand.

He has also worked as a tech consultant in KPMG and been CFO in the Aviation

Infrastructure sector.

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