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How do you work with your clients? Are you a consultancy that provides advisory services?

These are a couple of the frequent questions we get from companies that are interested in talking with us about entering and growing in the APAC region.

In short:

We are not a traditional consultancy that leaves you with a neat presentation and strategy to execute yourself, but we often start with a consultative approach.

1/ This starts with a bit of research around the market size in target markets, trends and growth drivers, regulatory framework where relevant, and the ICP in this region.

However, rather than spending two months doing research and creating a nice presentation, we combine rapid desktop research with insights and feedback from potential customers and partners. We believe this combination is the best way to quickly learn and get feedback.

This means we go out, often together with our clients, and speak with senior stakeholders to get direct feedback on their proposition, product, pricing and more, directly from the market. Doing the first meetings with our clients also ensures there is a direct learning effect for them as well.

At times it also leads to securing the first customers in the region.

Depending on the client’s industry, their overall ambition and target markets, this phase usually takes anywhere between 1-4 months. We call this “Market traction testing”.

2/ Based on the combination of research and real insights, we develop a hypothesis on the best approach for growth, combined with a strategy and detailed plan of attack.

This could be sales-driven or marketing-driven, but usually a combination of both. Relationships matter.

3/ We then agree on a level of ambition and associated budget with our clients, together with a well-defined business case, and start executing.

The first quarter is often still focused on rapid testing and learning, but with a clear direction and at higher volume and speed.

We then use the first quarter to review feedback and results from our team’s efforts against our original hypothesis and targets, and adjust our approach.

This is an iterative process and we call it “Building the acquisition engine”.

4/ At this stage we have a well-defined GTM approach that is already being executed, a growing pipeline of qualified prospects (and customers, depending on their vertical and associated sales cycle) and a good idea about what to expect over the next year in terms of customers and revenue.

At this point it’s all about execution to achieve scale for our clients, with continuous refinements along the way.

And, we really love what we do.

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