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FLOW partners with The Scale Factory

FLOW partners with The Scale Factory to drive commercialization

of their no-code interactive digital content platform

FLOW has built a revolutionary end-to-end platform that enables agencies, publishers and brands to produce and publish mobile-optimized interactive campaign sites, ads, web-apps and HTML5s in minutes through a simple drag-and-drop platform, without the need for a single line of code. Customers can easily create unique links for different channels and view aggregated analytics and insights in real time through the platform’s dashboard.

The need for digital, interactive content is ever-increasing as consumers engage with brands in multiple channels and they expect to find relevant, mobile-optimized content across the various touch points. Founded by 20+ year industry veteran Wayne Cowden, FLOW was originally built to meet a need within his own marketing agency. As a business with no in-house developers, it was challenging to execute digital projects as outsourcing web development and coding is often costly and complex to manage. Additionally, the need to manage hosting, data aggregation & visualization adds further complexity and costs.

Upon further conversations and workshops with agencies, brands and content producers, he realized that FLOW filled a bigger gap in the market; where other solutions are either too complex to use or too rigid in terms of the templates they provide. “We built FLOW with the mission to enable anyone to create interactive campaign content in a fast, easy and affordable way”, Wayne says.

With proven success, FLOW has now partnered with The Scale Factory, Asia’s leading platform for scaling tech companies, to bring the platform to market. “We absolutely fell in love with the simplicity and speed of using the platform, where the latter is particularly powerful in this multi-channel, ‘always-on’ world with an ever-growing need for digital content and experiences. While FLOW is simple to use it is incredibly powerful with a set of prebuilt features that enables you to collect first party data and view performance across an aggregated and channel-specific view in real time, enabling agencies and marketers to make changes on the fly, something we believe is incredibly powerful”, says Lars Bjorge, Co-founder and Managing Partner of The Scale Factory.

“We are excited to partner with The Scale Factory to drive expansion of the FLOW platform in the region and beyond. They bring exceptional thought leadership, networks & advisors to the table and will be invaluable in supporting our go-to-market & commercial strategy”, says Wayne Cowden, CEO & Founder of FLOW.

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