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Anna Mannervik joins The Scale Factory to head up life sciences

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The Scale Factory is happy to announce that we are appointing Anna Mannervik to lead our focus in the life sciences tech industry. “Anna’s entrepreneurial and strategic skills, health policy expertise and track record in developing business and public affairs in the life sciences and medtech industries, enables her to be instrumental in our clients’ building and scaling their businesses in APAC” says Pierre Martensson, Founder and Managing Partner at The Scale Factory.

With significant experience in public affairs, policy development and partnerships with companies such as Bristol Myers Squibb, MSD, J&J, Janssen and The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Anna brings exceptional expertise and experience to help clients in the life sciences business that want to expand in APAC.

Through fast developing innovation and technological advances in life sciences we can soon prevent, diagnose and treat a much wider range of global diseases. Innovative new technologies will add value to patients and societies, underpinning sustainable health strategies.

The life sciences industry and start-up ecosystem is seeing rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region, where 60% of the global population resides, due to increased R&D investments and demand from societies with multiple lifestyle-related diseases and ageing populations. This has led the region to the forefront of innovations in healthcare and sustainability. Singapore has become a leading life sciences hub, developing innovative technologies, relying on Singapore’s network of top universities and research institutions.

Thanks to government support through policies and continued public investments, the pharmaceutical sector is now a pillar of Singapore’s economy, responsible for about 5 percent of its GDP. Start-up ventures in Singapore raised more than US$8 billion in 2021, making it the top destination in South-east Asia, where healthcare is one of the 5 sectors propelling new investments.

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