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Interview with Thomas Haugan – How Automation Enhances Ad Efficiency Without Compromising Creativity

In a recent conversation with MARKETECH APAC, Thomas Haugan, partner at The Scale Factory and Head of APAC at Bannerflow, shed light on a dilemma many advertisers wrestle with: Creating ads that combine high creativity with strong performance and measurable results. He emphasizes that creativity isn't just a luxury; it's a key driver of campaign effectiveness and ROI. However, he also warned that without proper optimization, even the most innovative ads could fall flat, potentially wasting up to 55% of media budgets.

The solution? Leveraging technology and automation. Thomas explains how these tools can refine ad targeting and execution, ensuring that creativity and efficiency are involved in the ad creation process. At Bannerflow, this approach has led to significant time savings and more room for creative exploration by streamlining the ad production process, especially when scaling ads across various formats and regions.

He also highlights the importance of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and direct publishing in campaign management. These tools offer the agility to adjust campaigns in real-time based on performance data, an asset in today's quick-paced market.

“With the right technology and automation platform at your fingertips, brands have an opportunity to drive real efficiency and relevance, but importantly, without having to sacrifice creativity.”

Thomas’ approach helps to empower brands with campaigns that aren’t just creatively compelling but are also efficient and effective in achieving the desired business goals and objectives. If you’d like to get the full scoop, head over to MARKETECH APAC's interview by clicking Here!

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