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The Spam Era & 8 ways to cut through the clutter

Is your Sales Team really getting through to your Prospects?

Last week I received 21 messages/in-mail on LinkedIn and another 16 emails from random people I don’t know, trying to sell me something I don’t need. Sound familiar?

Well, in all honesty, maybe I do need some of the services they offer, but I simply could not be bothered with their approach.

Over the past year we picked up a few tips and tricks to maximize cold outreach. Here’s our top 8 ways to cut through the clutter:

  1. Start by getting the Ideal Customer Profile and Personas well defined. Seek to understand their main pain points that your offering is there to solve for. In essence tailor your USP to target segment

  2. Target one vertical before moving to the next. Get familiar with the lingo and what’s cooking in their industry. Attend webinars and seek to connect with the other participants during or after the webinars. I.e. “Hey, I saw your name at Webinar X. Would love to connect with people from our industry”

  3. By adding just 5-10 min of research to get to know the person you are reaching out allows you to personalize your message and make it relevant. Why not check out their latest posts, joint connections, latest industry trends and blog posts and glue it into your outreach i.e. “Hey, I see we both know John Doe and got a mutual interest in the rapid growth of uber for dogs - shall we connect?”

  4. Feature vs. Benefit. Learn the difference and talk to your connections about the benefits for them - never features

  5. Define a suitable cadence of messages across channels (LinkedIn, Email, texts etc) with value add along the w

  6. 99.9% of all outreach is via text messages on email and LinkedIn. Why not record a personalized video message instead? Delivering a punchy, relevant and personalized message will increase your success rate drastically. We love the mmhmm tool for this

  7. Timing: Tuesday mornings and Friday morning has the best success rate for us

  8. KISS = Keep it short stupid :-). Punchline on the 2nd sentence. You got their attention for 20 seconds. Especially on LI who has this autoscroll bringing the reader to the end of the message

Having had the pleasure of managing cold outreach for multiple B2B SaaS organizations in APAC the past year, we typically see an uplift of 4-5x when putting a tad more brain into the work and by spending a few minutes per lead prepping.

Want to talk more about it - send us a message and we’ll help you out.

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