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The Scale Factory and Skuad teams up

Skuad has built a game-changing A to Z HR tech platform that allows companies to attract and employ talent across borders, without having to replicate back office processes in each market to comply with country specific rules and regulations, taxation, admin and payroll.

Remote working is here to stay, and Skuad provides solutions:

  • By 2030, there will be a talent deficit of est. 85m skilled workers for the top 20 developed markets

  • In the coming 10 years, 60% of graduates will come from 7 developing markets

  • The trend of companies building remote teams has been accelerated by Covid-19 and is on every companies mind

Backed by leading VCs, an exceptional team of serial entrepreneurs, great product and strong traction, Skuad is now the #1 player from the APAC region.

“Having had the pleasure of both following Skuad from the sideline since inception and earlier having worked with their CEO/Founder Sundeep Sahi, we just knew that Skuad is up for great things. Hence, we are pleased to team up with Skuad in driving exponential growth in Asia Pacific and beyond” says Pierre Martensson, Managing Partner and Co-founder of The Scale Factory.

“When we were looking for partners to drive exponential growth, we were very impressed by the track record of experience of The Scale Factory scaling companies rapidly. A couple of months into our partnership, they have delivered above our expectations and is now driving our Go To Market strategy and execution as an integral part of our organization” says Sundeep Sahi, CEO and Founder of Skuad.

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