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Strengthening our media/ adtech network with Auke Boersma

We’re proud to announce that Auke Boersma has joined The Scale Factory advisory board.

Auke is an exceptionally skilled Digital Marketing and Advertising Executive with over 20 years of experience in various fields of the industry. An entrepreneur at heart, he has set up and scaled 4 different start-ups, as well as having taken on the role as an Intrapreneur with WPP, setting up the successful multi-screen performance agency Light Reaction in APAC, and later taking on the overall leadership of Group M supply in the region. After a stint of start-up consulting, Auke is now really getting back to his entrepreneurial roots, taking leadership of Adcombi, the global leader in scalable, hyperlocal programmatic advertising technology.

Auke is a great complement to our Advisory board. He has a dutch pragmatic no-nonsense approach to business growth that gels well with us. We’re also quietly in awe of his athletic side, and how he uses that rigor, ambition, and sense of adventure to drive his endeavors forward.

Welcome, Auke!

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