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Fuse teams up with TSF to lead their GTM efforts

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Scale Factory are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Fuse to build out and lead their GTM efforts.

Fuse is disrupting the way digital products and services are built. Gone are the days where companies either are engaging expensive agencies/consultancies building proprietary code and/or submitting yet another development request into their “old IT department's” already busy roadmap.

Instead, with the Fuse platform-as-a-service offering, world class digital products are built at a lower and predictable cost, with short time to market, fully secure, compliant, hosted and maintained. How about that for companies looking to win in their segment.

“When we met the team at Fuse the first time, we were deeply impressed with what they had built - and after speaking with some of their many happy customers, we simply felt that Fuse is onto something big and truly deserves scale” - says The Scale Factory Founder and Managing Partner Pierre Mårtensson.

“When we met the team at The Scale Factory and learned about their practical approach to GTM for organisations like Fuse, we were confident that our objectives are aligned and we are looking forward scaling our business with them” - says Fuse CEO Anders Lassen.

So, we at The Scale Factory are calling out to any and all companies looking to utilise the power of world class digital / tech products to grow their business - Fuse may well be the answer. Learn more about Fuse:

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