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Andreas Vogiatzakis joins The Scale Factory's advisory board

We're proud and pleased to announce that Andreas Vogiatzakis is now joining the board of Advisors, to both strengthen the company’s footprint in the Malaysian market, as well as widen capabilities through offering tailored executive coaching and training geared towards challenges unique to fast growing start-ups. Cutting a bit from the press release below :-)

A high-performance Certified Executive Coach and Trainer, a Certified NLP Practitioner, TEDx speaker, author, emcee, and among the top 100 most inspirational LinkedIn icons, Andreas is a multiple award-winning marketing expert who has guided many businesses and executives to define their purpose and achieve exponential growth & success. During his tenure, he has built & managed several media agencies for Publicis, Omnicom, WPP and Havas, leading them to flagship positions in their respective markets. He was the first ever non-Malaysian Group CEO, appointed to helm one of the most influential media publishing groups in the country, the Star Media Group Malaysia.

“Andreas is one of the most impressive people I’ve come across throughout my career in Asia,” says co-founder and managing partner Lars Bjoerge of The Scale Factory. “He obviously has deep capabilities and prominent talents - as you’d expect from someone who’s been a leader in the media industry for the last two decades. More importantly, he’s a true humanist that believes in the value of unlocking human potential. That gels well with us and our mission of supporting the next wave of growth companies in the region”

“It is a privilege to join this advisory board and be among individuals whom I admire and respect, as my personal values and mission resonate perfectly with that of The Scale Factory. It is all about enabling companies and individuals to grow and succeed, expand and flourish. The journey of TSF is impressive, and I only hope I can be an extra little drop to fuel its success further. We live in a different world today, ever changing, fast evolving and unprecedented. Now, more than ever before, we need guidance to transform, develop higher standards of leadership, and create a higher purpose that will guide us to a better tomorrow, with courage and a strong belief in the possible. As AMV+ pledges to give its absolute best, add value, be meaningful, nurture and develop talent and enrich organizations, this opportunity of joining the advisory board of The Scale Factory is simply a perfect way for me to be further enabled to carry out my mission and assist TSF’s current and future clients. I am thrilled to become part of the TSF journey!”, says Andreas Vogiatzakis

More about Andreas here:

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